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Tenant Screening 101: Tips Explained by a San Diego Property Manager

Eddie Nguyen - Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Knowing how to avoid bad tenants is an important part of being a landlord. Tenant screening is necessary, and today we’re explaining how most property management companies qualify tenants.

How to Find a Tenant: Advertise

It all starts with advertising. A good property manager will know how to advertise a property and bring in hundreds of inquiries. As you can imagine, we have to sift through those individuals to find a quality tenant. This is probably the most time consuming task in the property management process.

Screening Tenants: Qualifying Criteria

A great property manager should have a lot of training on how to properly qualify tenants. There should be a list of qualifying questions that tenants need to answer to know if they qualify to submit an application. These qualifying questions gather information on rental history, credit history, and current income. The answers will determine if there are any potential red flags that would disqualify them from renting your property.

Property Management San Diego: Approving a Tenant

Once those qualifying requirements are met, the application will be processed. A credit report will be pulled, and we’ll run a background check for criminal history and evictions. After reviewing the results, the property owner is involved in making the final decision to approve a tenant to rent a home.

The screening process is one of the most important parts of renting out your property. Choosing the right tenant will make the difference between a smooth and easy lease and a huge headache with potential costs, damage, and liability issues to deal with.

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