About Us

Through exceptional service and dedication, First Class Property Management is committed to providing a consistent elevated rental experience for both homeowners and tenants alike.

We understand firsthand the burdens that accompany the rental process. We realize finding the right people, the right properties, and right opportunities make renting smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

It’s our mission to provide the highest level of care, guidance, and integrity in all aspects of the rental process, and to service homeowners and tenants, not just as distinguished property managers, but as neighbors and friends within the community.

Here are the founding concepts of First Class and the four pillar of our company

  • Responsiveness

    It is crucial to have a property manager who is responsive to the needs of the both the owner and tenants. At First Class we promise that if you call us to inquire about our services or price, we will pick up the phone. If we are unable to take your call for whatever reason, we will get back to you within 24 hours. And if a tenant reports a necessary repair, we will action it straight away.

    Over time, other companies may get complacent in their service, meaning that once you have signed a contract and are paying your monthly management fee, you are no longer a priority for them. However at First Class Property Management, we know that landlords and tenants are our lifeblood. Without them, we have no business. That’s why we will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with our services means.

  • Core Competency

    A company’s core competency is essentially what puts the company at an advantage over another. And these advantages will vary to suit different landlords because there are so many types of property (residential, commercial, industrial to name a few) and there is certainly no one property management company that can manage every type of property all over San Diego.

    In fact, not only does the property management need an in depth understanding of the type of investment property they are managing, they also need to know the market. This is why a property management company needs to be local.

    At First Class Property Management, we only manage properties that are within a 30-minute drive to one of our six branch offices. This means that we can provide an adequate level of customer service to our many clients as we are not spending time traveling to properties.

    We manage all types of residential properties, small commercial buildings and small retail centers. We are not able to manage HOAs, vacation rentals or industrial properties, however we may consider adding these types of properties to our books in the future.

    We use the latest property management technology (Appfolio) to ensure a streamlined management process. Tenants are able to pay their rent online, owners can receive their payments via ACH and statements, invoices and accounting documents can also be viewed and downloaded.

    First Class Property Management is licensed in the BRE, has all relevant insurances in place to conduct business in the state and is a company that is held in good standing in the community and industry.

  • Transparency

    We believe that being transparent, open and honest in our business practices is so important in order for our clients to feel comfortable entrusting us to manage their investment property.

    Before engaging us as your property managers, we urge you to do your due diligence and compare us to other companies in the area. That way, you can make a fully informed decision either way. We encourage you to:

    • Review each company’s management agreement
    • Understand the process to finding tenants
    • Find out the cost when using a third party to find a new tenant
    • Find out how property will be marketed
    • Look at the other properties on their books
    • Determine the number and type of properties they manage and if yours fits in to their locality and areas of expertise.
  • Value Propositions

    A value proposition is a statement as to why a consumer should purchase a certain product or use a particular service. A value proposition will help you decide why you should you do business with one company and not one of its competitors.

    At First Class we believe you should choose us to manage your property because we offer:

    • Performance Guarantees – if we don’t perform as promised, we pay a price
    • Better Tenant System – we have a tested system to secure better tenants
    • Dare to Compare – we allow you to compare us to 7 other companies in your area
    • We Manage Happiness – check out our Yelp reviews
    • Family Owned and Operated – we care about our clients
    • San Diego's Property Management Company – we can manage properties in Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles & Orange County